Saturday, July 11, 2020

Opti Gold Vision & Eye Health Supplement

Botanic Choice, Opti Gold Vision & Eye Health Supplement, Protect Your Eyes Now, For a Lifetime of Good Vision.
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Benefits of Opti Gold® Vision & Eye Health Supplement:

7 Great Reasons to Take Opti Gold Eye Health Supplements Starting Today:

  1. Delivers six powerful nutrients that support the healthy, clear vision, near and far.
  2. Promotes faster glare recovery.
  3. Delivers antioxidants to protect eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun, computer screens, or fluorescent lights.
  4. Fosters greater sensitivity to contrasts.
  5. Enhances quality of vision.
  6. Protects rods and cones from light damage.
  7. Supports the health of the eye, retina, and macula.

Our eyes need specific care that we can supplement with vitamins and minerals. In this way, we will ensure that both the physical appearance of our eyes and our visual health is reinforced.

Tired eyesight, the problems associated with excessive consumption of television, computer screens, smartphones, tablets, etc., can make our eyesight need more and more help from specific vitamins so that they can recover better.

Components that help keep eyes healthy include macular carotenoids, natural pigments responsible for carrots' orange color, or purple for certain types of broccoli.

These carotenoids, which can be converted to a form of Vitamin A, are believed to protect the retina from damage caused by excessive exposure to blue light, especially that emitted by the sun.

In recent years, various investigations have found evidence that taking dietary supplements of these pigments could help reduce glare and improve other aspects of visual performance: sharper colors, higher contrast, faster recovery time, faster visual processing speed. and even the ability to see further.

This does not mean that these supplements can replace glasses in all people who have refractive errors such as myopia. However, could they improve our vision?

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